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Founding a Successful Restaurant in 2017

Courtesy of the Grand Rapids Press, this article has many tips to have a successful restaurant in 2017. Whether you are looking for a concept, trend or social media ideas, these tips from SCORE will help your restaurant.

save the date

Save the Date for the Van Eerden Spring Show

Save the Date Get great ideas and save money at the VE Spring Food Show on March 8th.  Register with your Van Eerden sales representative, and come to the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Save money while you have a great time.  Save the date and talk to your VE representative about the Spring […]

Serving Holiday Traditions

This year, Christmas Eve and Hanukkah fall on the same day; only the fifth time in over 100 years.  This means that Hanukkah will run Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve. This is a huge holiday overlap, consolidating many American holiday celebrations. During the holiday season, many Americans prepare for their holiday traditions. Some people […]

Holiday Dining Increases

The holiday season brings along a flurry of changes to everyday living. The weather begins to change, kids have a break from school, and employees receive time-off. The lucky ones get a bonus check with it.  As the season changes; consumer behavior, as well as spending habits and preferences change in restaurants. Restaurants must take […]

Stop Crying When Chopping Onions

Anyone who chops onions knows crying is almost guaranteed.  Some eyes are less prone to tears and some onions are less likely to cause tears. Think, less juice equals less tears. But why do we react like we just watched the ending to the Titanic every time we chop an onion? The answer lies within. […]

Choose Your Wine Glass Wisely

Whether originating from California, France or Australia, wine comes in more types than most know. Wines range on a scale of sweet to dry and flavor depends on color, region and age. Enthusiasts know what wine pairs best with certain foods and websites even feature articles regarding wine pairings and your favorite candy! When pouring […]

Michigan Restaurants May Allow Dogs

Next summer, Michigan’s restaurants could host a multitude of new guests. These guests however, will not order off of any menu as dogs cannot eat what the restaurant prepares. A new bill passed under Michigan’s State Senate will allow dogs to accompany guests on Michigan’s restaurant patios. Outside of service dogs, Michigan restaurants do not […]

social media

The Impact of Social Media

We live in a digital world where Americans can access almost anything on their phone. Ordering delivery? Order through the app. Forgot your credit card? Pay through the phone. Lost and need directions? Phone maps will get you to your destination. Americans love their phones, so businesses must adopt to digital advertising methods. People communicate […]

Van Eerden Fall Food Show 2016

Every year, Van Eerden hosts an assortment of food shows across the state. This year’s Fall Food Show brought in hundreds of customers as a last hurrah of the food show season. We held this year’s food show at Soaring Eagle Casino on October 11th and featured new items, promotions and a Holiday Party the […]

VE School Show

Van Eerden School Show 2016

As a foodservice distributor, Van Eerden has a wide range of customers across Michigan. These include several independent restaurants, local chains, schools and more. While the majority our customers include chains and restaurants, we also service K-12 school districts. In fact, service to the school business is so large; our company has a department dedicated […]