Revolution Farms is a local greenhouse who produces fresh lettuce right here in Caledonia, Michigan. Their greenhouse farming practices are definitely “revolutionary”. They have a built a facility where they have the ability to monitor and adjust the climate so the lettuce grows in the best conditions, all year-round! You no longer need to worry about your lettuce traveling from many miles away, you can get your lettuce locally in just a couple days!


Clemens Food Group is a sixth-generation, family-owned company dedicated to providing service and brand solutions to help customers grow their businesses. Clemens is a vertically coordinated company that includes hog farming, food production, and transportation. They offer a wide range of quality pork products that can easily be applied to your everyday menu.


Farm Country Cheese House is a local company who provides fresh, antibiotic-free artisanal cheeses. They work with the Amish communities in and around Lakeview to create these unique and flavorful artisanal cheeses. The cheeses are pure, simple, and clean. The milk comes from cows on the local Amish dairy farms and follow Amish traditions and practices. The cows are naturally raised, grass fed and antibiotic free, with absolutely no artificial hormones introduced in their diet.


Michigan Bread’s story starts in 1973 with George Assimacopoulos delivering local bakery products in Downtown Detroit. Years later his sons joined him in the family business and continued to grow in the Detroit market and beyond. Michigan Bread offers the widest variety of high-quality baked goods available. Their product line is artisan in nature, but performs exceedingly well in commercial food service applications.


Paramount Coffee has been making quality coffee since 1935. They started as a family run company in Lansing, Michigan, and have expanded since then. Paramount Coffee has many years of experience in sourcing, cupping, blending, roasting and packaging. They pride themselves in quality and consistent coffee products. It all begins with their selection process, where only the finest coffees are chosen. They offer a wide range of coffee products from whole bean or ground and specialty blends and even have extensive flavor options.


Sunrise Acres Egg Farms story begins in 1949 with founders Marvin and June Patmos with 100 chickens on their homestead. Marv’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to sell his grocery store in Morley, MI and go back to his farming roots. What started with raising baby chicks in Hudsonville and selling eggs door to door in Grand Rapids has turned into a now third generation family-owned farm. From Marv to his sons Bill and Dick, and now in the hands of Bill’s two sons, Doug and Joe, Sunrise Acres Farms continues to strive for the best care of their animals and producing high- quality eggs for communities in Michigan.


Down in Nashville, Michigan, you will find MOO-ville Creamery! They are a family owned and operated company that has been making super premium ice cream for the last 16 years. The Creamery is connected to a one-source farm. The milk is gravity fed down the pipeline, from the milking barn down to the creamery. This creates one less step the milk has to go through, ensuring our milk and ice cream stays as natural as it possibly can. The ice cream is 17% butterfat and only uses Michigan Beet sugar, NO artificial sweeteners. They offer a wide range of flavors for the whole family to enjoy. Spring is here and it’s time to try some of this delicious ice cream!

Zeeland Oil

Zeeland Food Services is a local Michigan company located in Zeeland, Michigan.
ZFS contracts with farmers throughout Michigan and beyond to grow the specialty soybeans that eventually produce Zoye Premium Vegetable Oil. The soybeans are tracked from the beginning steps of planting, all the way through the oil being packaged. The entire process takes place in Michigan. These soybeans are a true Michigan-made product. They also offer oils for everyday cooking and salads. Try these local products today!


Ready to try something new? Local farmer, Tom Dykstra, created Michigan Craft Beef ™ to supply chefs and consumers in Michigan with a gourmet-quality local product, produced in a healthy, sustainable manner. The beef is antibiotic and hormone free, and produced entirely in Michigan. The cattle are fed a healthy balance of grasses and legumes, but also a special blend of natural supplements, that help give Michigan Craft Beef™ its unique flavor profile and tenderness.


Byron Center Meats has been a local Michigan staple since 1946. They started as a small town butcher shop and since they have grown into an award-winning, USDA-inspected plant supplying restaurants, businesses and local families the best local cuts. They are a fourth-generation, family-owned meat processing company located in Byron Center, Michigan. Try this local favorite today!



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