Family Owned and Operated Since 1920

My grandfather, Andrew Van Eerden, had a passion for quality produce and a customer-first focus. It was this passion that drove him to start ‘Van Eerden Co.’ in 1920 as a wholesale produce market in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. While Van Eerden Foodservice has evolved and innovated since its founding, we are still deeply rooted in his underlying vision established by my grandfather, father, and brothers.

As a 4th generation, family-owned and operated company, our goal is not to become the largest distributor, but be the market’s preeminent distributor of choice. We are dedicated to our Michigan based customers by providing a unique combination of old school customer service with relevant business solutions focused on your individual business needs.

Today, our commitment to our customers and employees is to provide A Fresh Approach to Foodservice. We aim to fulfill our mission of great people delivering a great experience, by consistently supplying our customers with Fresh Ideas, Fresh Products, and Fresh Solutions.

Dan Van Eerden, CEO

How It All Began

Van Eerden Foodservice began in 1920 when Andrew Van Eerden formed “Van Eerden Company” to distribute fresh produce to grocers and restaurants in the Greater Grand Rapids area. His dedication to finding the freshest fruits and vegetables for his loyal customers led to daily train rides to the Chicago market. It is this commitment to freshness and customer service that has allowed Van Eerden to thrive for 100 years.

One of The Nation’s Top Tier Broadline Foodservice Distributors

Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, Van Eerden Foodservice still remains focused on the business principles and values first established by Andrew Van Eerden back in 1920. Committed to a philosophy of “Service First”, Van Eerden Foodservice looks at situations from the customer’s point of view, understanding that real solutions will provide the customer with what they need to succeed in their business.