Rooted in Quality, Grown in Michigan

For over a century the Van Eerden family has been delivering fresh, local, and sustainably produced products to some of the finest restaurants and institutions throughout Michigan, long before it became a popular trend.

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Invested In Your Brand

Whether we are sourcing locally grown produce, a trusted national brand, or a fresh-cut steak to order, it is always done with the purpose of providing consistency and quality.

While the products and services we offer have evolved over the years, our purchasing philosophy has remained constant: To be the nationally branded distributor of choice. We provide our customers with time honored and tested products while offering the largest portfolio of locally sourced products and specialty programs to fill every customer need. Why? Because the only brand that matters is yours.

Purchasing Philosophy, Industry Affiliates, & Specialty Programs

  • National Brands vs. Private labels
  • Fresh, local, sustainable are part of our heritage not a trend
  • High quality, custom steak program, family owned & operated in Michigan
  • Gourmet & Specialty food source
  • UniPro – proud member of the largest foodservice co-op in the country
  • Pro*Act – founding member of national produce alliance, the premier national network for fresh produce
    • Check out The Source for information on the produce market
  • Greener Fields Together – focusing on sustainability, locally grown, and food safety programs
  • We Find The Products You Need

    Always at a Fair Price, Delivered on Time.