Grand Rapids Local First

Proud Member of Grand Rapids Local First!

We joyfully announce our membership to the Grand Rapids division of Local First! Since first starting as a produce food truck back in 1920, we have always prided ourselves on local. Now, nearly 100 years later, we continue this commitment with our customers. In addition to our nationally-known products, we offer a wide-variety of local and Michigan-made products, helping out many local businesses.

Local First in Grand Rapids

Joining Local First, we are taking initiative in supporting the local Grand Rapids community. By supporting local business, the economy will grow and flourish. Now as a proud member of Local First, we have more opportunities to support the West Michigan area. We have always been proud to call West Michigan home; we are now a proud member of Local First as well!

Please visit the Local First website to learn more about this organization and their efforts in the community.

ProStart competition chefs

Van Eerden sponsors the 2017 ProStart Competition

Last week, Van Eerden proudly sponsored the ProStart competition. Held in Frankenmuth, Michigan, the show gave young chefs a chance at scholarship prizes, while improving their culinary skills. The competition takes place over a two-day span with $1 million worth of scholarship money. Over 20 schools from around the state compete against each other. Preparation for the big competition begins months in advance. Put on by the Michigan Restaurant Association, top chefs judge the students and aim to help improve their skills and more. Winners get the chance to compete at nationals in Charleston, South Carolina. To learn more about ProStart, as well as knowing who moves on to compete in nationals, visit

save the date

Food Alert- Burnt Toast Beware!

* FOOD ALERT-Stay Away From Burnt Toast *

Recent studies by food scientists in  Great Britain advise not to eat burnt toast! According to the Food Standards Agency, starchy foods should never turn more than golden brown in coloring. These foods run the risk of producing a dangerous amount of acrylamide, which has shown to cause cancer in animals. Here’s the catch, no studies have proven this is true in humans. While acrylamide may pose no harm, scientists advise better safe than sorry. To lean more about acrylamide, as well as how to prevent the chemical production, visit the BBC News website.

Potential tapeworm risk in US salmon

Food Alert- Tapeworm Found in US Salmon


As consumers, we receive warning about the risks involved with eating raw and uncooked seafood in every restaurant. Now, in addition, food scientists declare that US salmon caught in the Pacific Coast could now contain Japanese tapeworm. Restaurants and customers must stay aware these risks,  as attentiveness to the situation will keep the dangers to a minimum. Staying aware will also ensure that those who fall ill will know the necessary treatment. Safely consuming salmon is a customers best option. However, if contracted, treatment is possible. To read about the risks of this parasite, as well as the treatments, click here.

successful restaurant

Founding a Successful Restaurant in 2017

Courtesy of the Grand Rapids Press, this article has many tips to have a successful restaurant in 2017. Whether you are looking for a concept, trend or social media ideas, these tips from SCORE will help your restaurant.

save the date

Save the Date for the Van Eerden Spring Show

Save the Date

Get great ideas and save money at the VE Spring Food Show on March 8th.  Register with your Van Eerden sales representative, and come to the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Save money while you have a great time.  Save the date and talk to your VE representative about the Spring Food Show on March 8th.