Van Eerden North Show

On April 25th, Van Eerden hosted the North Show Food Show at the Little River Casino in Manistee, Michigan. Just as Northern Michigan thrives this time of year, so did the North Show. With the conference center filled with customers, everyone at the show could feel the excitement in the air.

North Show WelcomeNorth Show Preparation

Preparation for the show began weeks in advance. In fact, as soon as the last show wrapped up, planning and preparation began for the North Show. With just a little over a month, so much had to get done. As the purchasing team worked negotiated with vendors to provide excellent deals for customers, the marketing team worked to secure a location, décor and door prizes. Before we knew it, the show was just days away and we were set for success.

The day before the show, many Van Eerden employees made the trip up to Manistee for final preparations. From the moment the doors opened, everyone worked hard to ensure the show would run smoothly. At about 6pm the night before the show, everyone called it a night and could not wait for the following day’s show.

The North ShowNorth Show Food

Many of the Van Eerden customers that attended the show are seasonal, meaning they are only open during the summer months. As the Michigan tourist season kicks off in May, these customers could not wait to see what the show had to offer. Vendors sampled products focused towards seasonal eats, as well as new and exciting products. Customers and vendors alike said that the show had more energy than any other show they had attended. Sales increased, excitement grew and every left ready for the summer season.

Still, two weeks later, everyone is seeing the success from the Van Eerden North Show. Orders continue to come in from “Hot Deals” put into place and shipping will start very soon. As customers open their shops this summer, they will remember what they sampled during the North Show, and share it with customers of their own. It is safe to say, the North Show was a success for all.