Choose Your Wine Glass Wisely

Whether originating from California, France or Australia, wine comes in more types than most know. Wines range on a scale of sweet to dry and flavor depends on color, region and age. Enthusiasts know what wine pairs best with certain foods and websites even feature articles regarding wine pairings and your favorite candy! When pouring your next glass of wine, also consider letting the wine breathe. Wine scientists have proven that letting a wine breathe, or sit for a minute after pouring, improves the quality. Even after pairing your wine and letting the glass breGroup of three wine glassesathe, you can still optimize the glass further. In fact, you need to focus on the glass. Research shows that the wine glass you choose can drastically change the taste.

Hard to believe that a wine glass can make such a difference on the experience of drinking wine. Recent scientific studies prove that shape, size and opening make a huge impact on the delivery of the wine. According to some researchers, the glass can significantly impact the taste, so much so that a favorite wine can turn undesirable in the wrong glass. This makes sense, shop at any kitchen retailer and you find a variety of different wine glasses.

Having to do with the concentration and aroma of the alcohol, the rim of the glass plays what could be the most critical role. The rim effects head tips when drinking wine as well as where the wine hits the tongue. Also under consideration; the atmosphere. Some researchers believe that wine drinkers sense their wine exceeds expectations when drinking from an expensive glass in an extravagant setting.  This Forbes article, written by Tom Mullen, describes pairing bottles of wine with the best possible glass. Give it a read and take into consideration the article next time you pour yourself a glass wine.