Grand Rapids Local First

Proud Member of Grand Rapids Local First!

We joyfully announce our membership to the Grand Rapids division of Local First! Since first starting as a produce food truck back in 1920, we have always prided ourselves on local. Now, nearly 100 years later, we continue this commitment with our customers. In addition to our nationally-known products, we offer a wide-variety of local and Michigan-made products, helping out many local businesses.

Local First in Grand Rapids

Joining Local First, we are taking initiative in supporting the local Grand Rapids community. By supporting local business, the economy will grow and flourish. Now as a proud member of Local First, we have more opportunities to support the West Michigan area. We have always been proud to call West Michigan home; we are now a proud member of Local First as well!

Please visit the Local First website to learn more about this organization and their efforts in the community.