rolled ice cream

Ice Cream Trends for Summer

As summer rolls around, consumers begin to crave ice cream. Whether for a dessert, a snack or a splurge, there is nothing better than cool creamy treat on a hot summer day. However, ice cream is trending away from the simple cup or bowl. As new food trends emerge, ice cream has begun a makeover and the options are plentiful.

Flavor and Texture Twists

For the most part, toppings consisted of syrups, chocolate chips, nuts and whipped cream. Now, you can find almost anything on top of your ice cream. Favorites include matcha balls, cereal and cheesecake or brownie chunks. Cones are even dipped in these toppings. Flavors have updated as well. New, trendy flavors like balsamic strawberry, green tea, and “black ice cream” have emerged. In addition, the Thai trend, rolled ice cream has hit the United States and is growing in popularity every day.

Ice Cream Cones

Gone are the days of the sugar cone, even the waffle cone is revamped. This summer, taste the difference with a new variety of cones. The bubble cone, which according to the trend report, The Things, originated in Hong Kong in the 1950’s and has made its way to the United States. This cone is essentially a puffy waffle cone. The bubble cone provides a soft texture for consumes, making the first bite much easier. Another twist on the cone is a doughnut cone. A doughnut cone is exactly what it sounds, a doughnut. These fried cones are sweet and rolled in cinnamon sugar to provide the additional sugar rush you crave! Some consumers call these cones churro cones, and a creamery in San Francisco makes their own; calling them Chimney Cones as they resemble a chimney.

Wild Milkshakes

Milkshakes have taken the most extreme route, and even emerged as a top trend for 2017 according to the National Restaurant Association. The flavor and texture of a milkshake is one of a kind, but add these extreme toppings and you can uncover a whole new world. One of these wild milkshakes, known as a “freakshake” tops a milkshake with yet another dessert. The milkshake sits in a Mason jar, then topped with whipped cream and a cookie, slice of cake or a brownie with other additions like marshmallows, pretzels and animal crackers. The other wild milkshakes are similar. These towering milkshakes are mixed with candies, cookies, pretzels, syrups and more. To add to the extreme, the towering milkshake is then topped with whipped cream, candy and cookies. Talk about a sugar overload.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Everyone loves an ice cream sandwich and now, there is even more reason to love them. Customers have craved creativity, as cookie and ice cream flavors have divulged beyond vanilla and chocolate chip. Now, customers want a chocolate cookie with mint ice cream, or a snickerdoodle with carrot cake ice cream. However, some consumers have nixed the cookie for a different type sandwich. Consumers now want this creamy dessert sandwiched between brownies, cakes, pies and donuts. The flavors and combinations are almost endless.

This summer, take your ice cream to the next level. Offer customers the latest trends such as rolled ice cream, churro cones or “freakshakes”. Summer provides an excellent time to promote these exciting trends. During the hot summer months, customers will be more willing to order this sweet treat, especially if it contains wild toppings and flavors. Your guests will be coming back for more when you serve these ice cream twists.