Fourth of July

Fourth of July Food Trends

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means it is time to celebrate America’s birthday! Independence Day is commonly celebrated with food. Since most employers give their employees the day off, they are ready for the most relaxing summer day possible. Get your restaurant ready with food and drink that will draw customers in to celebrate the holiday.

Traditional Fourth of July Cuisine

When thinking about summer holidays and food, people tend to think of All-American classics. Backyards soon fill with celebrations of barbecue, picnic sides and icey cold beverages. In fact, customers generally pick the same foods to make every year based off of tradition. In a survey performed by Instantly, 34% of respondents stated they pick their food choices based off of tradition. What exactly are traditional Fourth of July foods? The list includes barbecued meats, potato salad, coleslaw, potato chips and apple pie. Traditional American flavors drive consumers’ food orders; serving these foods at your restaurant will surely draw a crowd.

Popular Food and Drink

People do not tend to argue on what foods they consider traditional American cuisine. However,  some consume certain All-American foods more commonly than others on July 4th. In the same Instantly survey, hamburgers drove the most sales as 43% of consumers choose to eat a hamburger on this holiday. Other common main dishes to order are barbecue chicken and shrimp. Traditional side dishes reigned supreme as customers consumed the most potato salad and corn on the cob.

After dinner, consumers stick to the All-American apple pie. Other common desserts include classic summer favorites such as fresh berry cobbler and root beer floats. For the customer who does not have to return to work the next day, many take the opportunity to drink more than the usual weeknight. Beer is a very common alcoholic drink among Americans, especially craft beer in Michigan. This year, however, customers are now gravitating towards a newly popular summer drink. According to Specialty Food News, Rose, a light red wine has grown in popularity by 53% this year. Rose is expected to be a heavy seller this Fourth of July, especially amongst the Millennial generation.

This Fourth of July, take into consideration what will draw a crowd to your restaurant this year. Driven by traditional American foods, customers will likely order popular American cuisines when dining out. This will continue through desserts and drinks as customers sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday while dining at your restaurant.