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Food Alert- Tapeworm Found in US Salmon

* CONSUMER ALERTS- TAPEWORM * As consumers, we receive warning about the risks involved with eating raw and uncooked seafood in every restaurant. Now, in addition, food scientists declare that US salmon caught in the Pacific Coast could now contain Japanese tapeworm. Restaurants and customers must stay aware these risks,  as attentiveness to the situation […]

2017 Food Trends- Clean Eating

In the first segment of the four-week “Trendy Tuesday” segment we will discuss clean eating. Clean eating combines transparency, organic foods, and nutrition into one. This trend focuses more on wholesome eating rather than dieting. While many consumers have different ideas and guidelines regarding clean eating, the general idea follows a healthy lifestyle. Clean Eating […]

2017 Food Trends in Restaurants

We are almost two weeks into the year and the 2017 food trends are well underway. Last year’s trends, courtesy of the National Restaurant Association, included locally sourced food, fast casual concepts and natural food. So far, 2017 is heading down a very similar track. The National Restaurant Association, Food Business News, Flavor and the […]

Serving Holiday Traditions

This year, Christmas Eve and Hanukkah fall on the same day; only the fifth time in over 100 years.  This means that Hanukkah will run Christmas Eve through New Year’s Eve. This is a huge holiday overlap, consolidating many American holiday celebrations. During the holiday season, many Americans prepare for their holiday traditions. Some people […]

Holiday Dining Increases

The holiday season brings along a flurry of changes to everyday living. The weather begins to change, kids have a break from school, and employees receive time-off. The lucky ones get a bonus check with it.  As the season changes; consumer behavior, as well as spending habits and preferences change in restaurants. Restaurants must take […]

Stop Crying When Chopping Onions

Anyone who chops onions knows crying is almost guaranteed.  Some eyes are less prone to tears and some onions are less likely to cause tears. Think, less juice equals less tears. But why do we react like we just watched the ending to the Titanic every time we chop an onion? The answer lies within. […]

Choose Your Wine Glass Wisely

Whether originating from California, France or Australia, wine comes in more types than most know. Wines range on a scale of sweet to dry and flavor depends on color, region and age. Enthusiasts know what wine pairs best with certain foods and websites even feature articles regarding wine pairings and your favorite candy! When pouring […]