Food Trends 2016

To gain business, restaurants must stay on top of “what’s hot” in the food industry. Food trends can be enacted through various diets , allergies and sensitivities, and seasons. For example, most restaurants will not serve a pumpkin soup in the middle of May. How do restaurant owners plan ahead and prepare for the top food trends throughout the year? Not serving pumpkin soup in May seems obvious, but when does a restaurant know the appropriate time to remove a kale salad from the menu? Likewise, how do they know consumers no longer consider kale salad a “hot” item? Similar to fashion, entertainment and music trends, food trends take time to develop and disintegrate. Various chefs and restaurant owners also research and forecast these trends all over the world.

Every year, the National Restaurant Association (the NRA) meets to put forth a list of food trends within the restaurant industry. While consumers may believe these trends are based solely on the chef’s appetites, lots of time and research occurs before the NRA makes their projections. The NRA surveys over 1,600 professional chefs from around the country to make their predictions on future trends. Curious as to what topped the list? Locally sourced meat and seafood.

Food Trends at Van Eerden

At Van Eerden, we can ensure that restaurants stay on top of the year’s food trends. We provide our customers with knowledgeable sales reps willing go above and beyond. These sales reps provide businesses with trending food options and ideas on how to serve these items. We also offer our customers products that top this year’s food trends. When a customer orders fresh seafood, we provide products from our partners at Fortune Fish and Gourmet in Chicago. Byron Center Meats, located just 12 miles down the road from our office is our partner in providing fresh cut meats. Customers of Van Eerden order meat and seafood with the satisfaction knowing they ordered fresh food that will top the list of the year’s food trends. Delicious and trendy food will sell itself in a restaurant and we gladly make that possible.

You can find the full list of top food trends on the National Restaurant Association’s website.